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Emergency Rush Hydraulic Repair

We are committed to getting your hydraulic systems back up and running when you need them, at a moment’s notice. We know that every hour that your machinery isn’t running is an hour that you are losing profits and falling behind on your project. That’s why we’re proud to offer emergency and rush hydraulic repair services.

We service within 100 miles of New Waverly, TX. We also offer on-site pickup and drop-off!



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I will call them anytime I have an issue.
Jim Reese

They did exactly what they told me would be done. I’d give them 5 stars!
Ben Crause

They did a great job. I would highly recommend!
Michael Hyatt

We Service Every Hydraulic Pump

It doesn’t matter the machine, it doesn’t matter the industry. If you’ve got a hydraulic pump that needs repair, we can take care of it for you. Oilfield, crane, construction, and more. We start with a complete diagnosis to get at the root of the issue, and then we take care of business getting your pump repaired in our full service repair and test facilities.

Complete Hydraulic Component Repair

From pumps to motors to valves—we repair every piece of your hydraulic systems until they are up and running smoothly again.  Your hydraulics are only as durable as their individual components, so trust us to repair any part in any system for any configuration.

Preventative Maintenance

Quality hydraulic repair starts with proper equipment care. That’s why DD Hydraulics is committed to providing regular, professional hydraulic preventative maintenance services. This is more than just taking the simple steps to keep your hydraulics running. It also involve detailed troubleshooting to identify little issues before they turn into big problems.